6 Things I'll Do On Your Family Photoshoot

6 Things I do on your family photo shoot.

You might have lots of questions (and rightly so), or you might have none. Either way, I’m here to to help you out. We will touch on the best time of day, location, what to wear and bring, and even what not to wear.  I’ll learn all your names, make friends with your kids and partner straight away. I’ll get down to your kids level and introduce myself, this goes a long way to not just being a tall, weird, hairy guy with big eyebrows and a camera.

little boy lays down at the beach on a family photoshoot.

1. Get the awkward group shot for Granny out of the way straight away.

You know the one where you’re smiling, looking at the camera and you feel like its more of a grimace than a smile. I’m not big on making you feel uncomfortable; it shows in your pictures, and I don’t want that and neither to do you. So we get it done — first thing. This is entirely optional by the way.  But she loves the traditional kind of photography.

mum and dad sit on a stony beach with their son and daughter in their laps

2. Get you to play with your kids.

This is anything they love, shoulder rides, tickles, cuddles, swings. Having fun with them guarantees you bags of original images, this stuff makes you look like the perfect family. I’ll let you into a secret, no family shoot with kids ever goes to plan, ever.  But for a while, we can make it look like it did.

Family of three walk along a forest path. The father is carrying the daughter on his shoulders. The little girl is pointing in the direction that she wants him to go.

3. Provide direction.

I might have a strong documentary vein running through my work, but I don’t leave you hanging around wondering what the hell to do on the shoot.  I will place you in the best light and give bags of encouragement. Sometimes the kids will need bribing (every parent’s not so secret weapon).  I’ll tell them I’ve got sweets if you let me, but you’ve got that magic touch after all, not the guy with the camera, who they haven’t quite decided on yet.

4. Make you feel comfortable.

This is the biggie. I know photography for some is awkward, it doesn’t have to be.  I want you all to feel at ease and have a great time with your family. We’ll have done the groundwork for this to happen effortlessly before the shoot, getting to know you all and what you are looking from your images. This means that your family photoshoot won’t feel like a shoot at all.  And that’s when the magic happens.

young girl in a bright dress lays in her mothers lap on a photoshoot.

5. Embrace the outtakes.

If something funny or emotional happens, crazy faces, fingers up noses, funny looks, chases, non-cooperation, these are all things that won’t get left on the cutting room floor. We want something unique to you, something real, something memorable.

A dad pciks up his son from the ground at the beach who has fallen over.

6. Only select your very best images.

Only pictures that are flattering, warm, funny, emotive, connected are the ones that make it into your gallery. I take a lot of pictures, but I have a silent camera, so you won’t even notice. If you’ve never been in front of a totally silent camera you won’t believe the difference it makes to the feel of a shoot, you’ll forget I’m taking pictures, which is what you want.  Just like this picture.

Little girt play with her mum on an outdoor family photoshoot.

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