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Family Photo Shoot Cardiff | Dixon family

At the beach again for another shoot, it’s a regular thing, especially popular with city-dweller folk, like this four. Even though I see the beach all the time, it’s never got boring, if anything I’ve come to love it more and all the different ways it shows itself. My favourite time to be at the beach for family photography is when the tide is out and the sun is about to set. It’s not always practical to be doing family photos at ten o’clock at night. So I at least make sure the tide is out.

Tired Kids

Simon and George and their two little ones travelled for two hours for this family photo shoot, so it was only right to hang out until the kids wanted nothing but sleep.

I’ve known Simon since we were teenagers and watched him marry the girl of his dreams and build a beautiful house and family.

Knowing someone and being comfortable gives accesses that you’d never have otherwise. Because of this I always try to get to know the name of everyone who will be on the photoshoot. I also make sure I get what you and your family want from the shoot. Sometimes it’s a very detailed requirement, other times it’s only two words like “fun and love”. I know mum wanted portraits of the kids and photos of them all together, they’re growing way too fast. And time only ever moves forward.

Choosing a photographer

No one ever regrets having too many family photos together. But families are busy things to be a part of. You have to take the time to browse and choose a photographer. There are all sorts of things to consider, there’s the price, will you like your photos, the list goes on. I get it. Maybe it’s because you had a shoot that was a bit meh last time and that’s your enduring memory of professional family photo shoots.

Speak to anyone who’s had a positive experience and loved the images they receive and they’ll tell you its not that bad. It’s worth making it a priority and putting it at the top of your list. When kids grow so fast its an incredibly valuable thing to do, they grow, and they do it without you noticing until it hits you. Not trying to pull on your heartstrings here but I adore my family photos and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish there were more.

Ready for something different?

If you’d like a family photoshoot in Cardiff or somewhere meaningful to you and you have a wild little tribe, say hi, shoot me a question, or jump straight to it and find out when I’m available.
I love working with family-orientated people like you who are ready for something a bit different.


a boy smiling at the camera and drinking a drinkA young girl sat at a table looks and smiles at her muma father holds his son at the beach A family of four holding hands A mother plays with her son at the beach Young boy kicks water at a man the beach a man and a woman carry two children on their shoulders a young girl stands next to a car blanket in her mouth a young girl throws sand at the beach boy is holding onto a stick being swung a young boy is laying on the sand and is laughing a man hugs a small girl at the beach a man cuddles his daughter, she is smilinga woman hugs a young girl a father holds his two children at the beach family of four the beach the children are being carried by their parents two children are being hugged by their parents at the beach before a family of four hugging each other at the beach a little girl sat on the floor is eating crisps 2 hermit crabs on somebody's hand a little girl is shown some hermit crabs at the beach a mother and daughter kiss at the beach a girl and a woman a standing near the seasidea young girl and a woman both smile at the beach a young girl is fed some yogurt a young boy smiling at his mum at the beach a father is helping his daughter into her car seat a young girl drinks from a bottle top a young girl wipes her hand on her t-shirt she is carrying a water bottle a small girl hugs her father tightly a small girl is held by her mum at the beach a small girl is laughing and is held buy her mum a mother kisses her young daughter a man kicks water at a young boy at the beach man and small boy the in the distance at the beach silhouette of a man and small boy at the beach. boy is carrying a stick

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