Family Photo shoot | Cardiff

Family Photo Shoot Cardiff

There’s a lot of moving parts with a family photo shoot at the beach. Travel to the location, the mood of the children, the tide, cloud cover, wind etc.

When Fortunately, we could call bingo on this shoot. Everything went better than we could have ever hoped. The kids were ridiculously cute, and Mindy (Mum) dressed Jojo, Harry and Sonny with textures and colours that complimented each other. Just perfect.

Mum contacted me through a Facebook post. I was looking for three families to take part in a shoot so I could try out some new stuff, not new poses but rather a new shooting technique. 

I always learn a few things from a shoot, this time it was kids continue to equal chaos and that the middle of a Vimto lollipop tastes like vomit. (I just realised it’s actually an anagram.) The kids didn’t like the centre, and I found the remains of one in my bag yesterday when it was stuck to my finger.

Family photography style

Not so long ago, I used to think I was a pure documentary family photographer, but I don’t know if I’d call myself that anymore. I dabble in documentary, lifestyle, fine art portraiture and just a tiny, tiny bit of traditional photography for Granny’s wall.

A photographer’s style is their idea of what family life looks to them, and every time I click the shutter, I’m capturing what it looks like to me. If what you see speaks to you, then please get in touch as I’d love to be your photographer for your family photoshoot.

Big hearts = amazing family photographs

Big-hearted families that radiate love for each other are the families that I dream of working with. That stuff is why I do what I do. It makes you feel good and to see it up close makes everything right in the world.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite shoots of the summer.


Father kisses his baby mother holds her baby mother holds hands with her child and as they walk on a beach family of five pose on a family photoshoot at the beach young boy cuddles his baby brother young baby smiles on the beach young boy smiles at the beach a mother cleans her boys hands at the beach father is holding his young smiling baby father holds his baby close to hima mother holds her baby and smiles and at him a mother kisses her baby boy at the beach three young boys and mum are smiling three boys and Mum cuddle a young boy cuddles his mum young boy smiles his family is in the background young boy smiles on the beachyoung boys smiles on a family photoshoot young boy holds on to his dad's leg at the beach a smiling boy holds on to his dad's leg at the beach a mum dad and their family set and cuddle at the beach a mother cuddles her son on a family photoshoot family of five are laughing at the beach a family laughs at the beach a mother cuddles her son a mother holds her son at the beach a mother tickles her sona young boy is held by his father two boys stand together at the beach a young boy holds his mother's hand a young boy holds his mother's hand on a family photoshoot a young boy with a lollipop stands in front of his father a mother cuddles her two sons a young boy kisses his mum a family of four on a family photoshoot at the beach looking at each other a young boy sucks on a lollipop. His Mum and Dad are cuddling behind him

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