Outdoor Family Photo shoot South Wales

Outdoor Family Photoshoot South Wales

Tasha and Marc chose a photoshoot at Aberavon Beach as it’s an adventure for the children and that creates all the ingredients for genuine moments to unfold naturally.  I knew Mum and Dad wanted natural photographs of the children at play as well as honest snapshots of family life and an outdoor photoshoot at the beach is perfect for this

I met Mum and Dad and Phoebe and George (the two little ones) at Remos as it serves pretty good coffee.  After a few high fives and a more specific explanation of how the shoot was going to go, based on the weather and tide, we headed down to the beach.  The tide was out so we had the whole of the beach as a backdrop.  The shoreline was far off in the distance and the weather was pretty overcast, which might sound a bit dull but it actually makes for a very flattering light.

Photos in less than perfect weather?

A big plus of overcast days at the beach when the tide is out is that it looks amazing in black and white. I’m a big fan of uncluttered backgrounds in photos as it really draws the eye to the family and children, choosing to have a photo session when the tide is out is always a good choice in my books.  Living in South Wales has meant I that I have had to learn how to shoot and edit in less than ideal conditions.  Now it doesn’t phase me at all and actually love taking photos on an overcast day.

Tasha looked radiant and you could tell she had also put some thought into what the kids were wearing.  They were both wearing wellies which are a fantastic idea and you could tell a lot of thought had gone into their little outfits, gorgeous pastels on the daughter and bright bold block colours on the son.

Authentic Photography.

With George being a toddler he spent a great deal of time down in the sand and got dirty pretty quick, we all realised we were fighting a losing battle trying to keep him pristine for photos so just went with it.  As you can see in the pictures below, just letting him do his thing actually made for some amazing shots.  Families love natural photos and portraits of their children, and any camera awareness soon passes as they get on and play, they get bored pretty quickly of looking and smiling at the camera all the time.

Dad was was fantastic with the children, he whipped them up into a frenzy with shoulder rides and piggybacks, it was lovely to be part of that day, the kids had such a great time.  I think he groaned at the thought of the photoshoot, but he said he actually enjoyed it, as it was different from his previous photoshoots and more like a day out with the kids.

Children change so fast, professional pictures are a great way to preserve memories. They can also be printed large which is something you can’t do with a phone camera photo.  If you haven’t had a shoot in the last year then make it a priority this year.  It’s one of those things that busy families put on the someday maybe list and never get round to it.  Which is a shame as they can actually be a whole heap of fun and nowhere near as awkward as you fear they will be.  My shoots are designed to get the natural shots and this happens from good rapport and zero awkward posing.

Enjoy the gallery.

Little boy in a yellow water proof east an ice cream in a cone at the beachLittle boy in a yellow jacket, blue jeans and green wellies sit on some stairs at beach.Close up photo of a little blonde girl being kissed on her cheek by her dark haired mum.Little boy in a yellow jacket gets a shoulder ride of his mum and is smiling. A mum and dad give their son and daughter a shoulder ride on the beach. A little toddler looks up to his dad at the beach. Little girl gets a shoulder ride on her dad at the beach. A little girl looks at the camera while she is hugged by her mum. A family of three hug at the beach. Little girl looks down at the floor as the waves hit her legs. Little girl at the beach shouts as the waves come over the top of her wellies. A mother holding her son is laughing as she tries to dodge the waves at the beach. Little boy in wellies is smiling as he stands in the sea. Close up of a little girl, she is laying her head on a picnic blanket at the beach and is smiling. Two children sit on a picnic blanket and have some snacks at the beach. Little boy smiles at his father while he sits on a picnic blanket at the beach. Little girl smiles at the camera while she sits in her mums lap at the beach. Mother, daughter and father smile at their son at the beach. Little boy in a yellow coat grabs hold of a fluffy dog that has strayed on to their picnic blanket at the beach. Little girl and the beach smiles at her father while they sit on a picnic blanket. Family of four laugh and smile at the beach. Little boy in a yellow jacket is holding his mum and dads hands and he is smiling. Mum and dad give their young children at the beach a shoulder ride. A close up of a mother holding her daughter at the beach. Little girl at the beach squeals with delight as her parents play with her. Little boy in a yellow coat at the beach is shouting at the camera Little girl eats an ice cream cone and has chocolate ice cream around her mouth.

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