Outdoor Family Photoshoot

Outdoor Family Photo Shoot

I photographed Sarah, Carl and their two gorgeous kids last year.  Last year was a quick session at sunset, this year the shoot was midday and lasted a little longer.  They wanted another outdoor family photoshoot as they have had a new addition to the tribe in the form of a Cockapoo named “Honey”, who might just be the softest dog you’ll ever meet.  We agreed to meet at Remos on a Sunday, but with the weather being good we expected that part of the beach to be packed, so met at one end of Aberavon Beach.  Turned out that we pretty much had the beach to ourselves. Game on.

Mum wanted some natural authentic pictures of the whole family as well as some images that showed the story of their day out at the beach.  I always focus on the connections of a family, the little ways that they are with each other that are uniquely them. This always makes for an emotive and honest set of images.

Family Pets?

Having family pets brought along for photos is always something I give a resounding yes to if asked.  They are part of the family and even more so for the children.  And Honey didn’t disappoint, she was a joy to have around and photograph.

I know from before that Mum and Dad suffer from what many of us do, camera shyness.  I do as well, so I totally understand.  I’m not a pushy, posey photographer so my style of photography is perfect for anyone that is photo adverse.  Another plus is that my cameras are totally silent so you can’t even hear me taking a picture.

Jayden, their little boy, would have quite happily dug holes in the sand for our whole time at the beach. Which is a golden photographic opportunity in my books and is also an opportunity that you will never get in a studio.  When Dad realised that they were in fact, having a family shoot outdoors, did what dads do best, transformed into his other role of the human climbing frame.  This gives so many opportunities for snapshots of joyful connected scenes of family life with youngsters, I simply love it.

Mum soon got in on the act and had Layla, their daughter, on her shoulders and in her arms.  It’s close up photos of honest, intimate moments like this that really have the power to show the loving connections of parents and their children.

Please have a look at some of the photos Sarah and Carl received from their outdoor family photoshoot.

Young boy at the beach is hugged by his mother. Young boy is kissed by his mum at the beach on an outdoor family photo shoot. Young girl is grabbed by her mum at the beach. A mother kisses her daughter at the beach Young girl gets a piggy back ride at the beach.A young cockapoo dog plays in the sand at the beach. A mother kisses her daughter at the beach. A mother kisses her daughter A mother gives her daughter a shoulder ride at the beach.A father plays with his two children at the beach. Mum holds her young son at the beach to keep him warm. Young brother and sister cuddle at the beach. Mother and daughter hold hands. Father and son hold hands a the beach. Family of four walk along the beach towards the water.Family of four huddle at the beach and they are holding a young puppy.

Close up of a young boy who is missing his two front teeth.

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