The reasons I love family photography

A family shoot for you might be way down on your list of priorities. Life is busy, add kids to the mix and you’re left thinking where did all your time go? Besides you’ve got a phone full of photos of them. But how many of those are natural, print-worthy of you all together? When you see someone every day, you don’t notice the change.  Maybe you’ll be sorting through their old clothes, or looking through a photo album. Maybe it’s the first day of school. Whatever it is, there’ll come a time when you wonder where all the time went.  And it’s this, the visual history, the legacy that photographs give us. This is up there at the top of my list on why I love family photography. It slows down the passage of time and preserves the memories of today. It’s important. It’s your history on film for you and its memories for your children. The same photos will move between generations and become more treasured with time. I also do family shoots because I like being around big-hearted families. It’s touching to see you interact with your children, I pick up on the way everyone feels about each other. Everyone is everything to each other. When your kids are not testing your boundaries, they are cute, unpredictable, dynamic, exciting and downright right hilarious. Maybe its the fatherly streak in me finally making an appearance, but I can’t get enough if I’m honest. I love being around families. Yes, family life is ordinary and it is also beautiful.  I wish I could get every mum and dad to book a session right now and not wait for something or other. I’m not going to change the legions of parents from one blog post. But, if I can make you think about getting one soon, a photoshoot that’s got you all together, that’s flattering, that captures their cheekiness, embraces your chaos and says volumes about how you feel, then I’ve done my bit. It’s an honour to create something that will become important, something of value to you further down the line. The stuff you want to remember is the everyday stuff that’s happening right now. There are a few gaps in my family visual history. I went through a period of being very anti-camera and anti parents. #aholeteenager. I regret that. We never had a family shoot; they weren’t a thing you would see back then. I would have liked to have seen that alongside all the other snaps and you’ll never wish you had fewer family photos. I”ll finish up with some of my favourite family photos from way back. When I look at them, they take me back to another time, when mum and dad were younger, fitter and bursting with optimism. Plus it makes me chuckle looking at how god damn awful the clothes and decor were back then. If you’d like to get in touch you can right here.   a man with a moustache cuddles a woman with glasses a woman in a Green sweater cuddles her child a man cuddles his son up against a fence a little boy ride a trike in a garden a man and a boy at a theme park a man and boyat a beach rush away from a wave little girl in a green sweater in a garden a woman a man a boy stand in front of a fountain a man and a woman their boy stand in a forest Park a man holds his newborn boy to his chest in bed A woman and her boy pose for a photo A father and his two young Sons play

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